Customer Feedback Summary

TrustedSpace file-based Offsite-Backup is …

“faster than conventional tar-backups”

This refers to backups and restore. On backup, only modifications are transferred to the backup server. There are no full backups after the initial backup.
On restore, specific files/directories can be selected by the Web Interface and restored by the displayed command. There is no wait time, you can instantly access all of your backed up data.

“lower priced because of lower disk usage”

FTP disk space or Amazon S3 are quickly filled up – depending on the backup tool – because of multiple storage of data in different revisions. The use of snapshots and compression of data within TrustedSpace heavily reduces disk usage.

“simpler by self-declaring web GUI”

TrustedSpace saves you a lot of working hours regarding setup and maintenance. In an event of data loss you have to be able to retrieve your data without technical barriers. TrustedSpace makes it easier to backup and restore.

“more secure by access protection and deletion lock”

Shield your data like you do it in your VPN. TrustedSpace allows to define access limits by IP/network/hostnames. Plus you can define to keep backups for a minimum amount of time. If an attacker ever gets access to your system he will not be able to corrupt or delete completed backups within the configured time interval.